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Thursday, February 28, 2013

some kind of update

bloody hell i wanted to update since yesterday but got so distracted until i totally forgot.

After sending my grandpa to checkup, I went to school. Well, almost. Went to Chinatown first because I thought I had time. Found Haru's pink tie, and then went to the new library. Returned Luna Sea CDs and went Daiso. No Haru belt found. Then I hopped into train to school. But not yet. Becausuuu. While I was texting with ZJ, he suddenly ended off with "see you tomorrow then"

And I'm like..................................






And then I checked my schedule.


So suddenly I'm not going to school anymore. Fuck, should have looked at cloth. I went to Bugis. fucking hate the place but it was due time I led my hunting there. Good thing weekday, not so many people. Passed by Hang Ten and saw 1/2 price sale. And I bought black pants. yaaaayyy finally can use belts. Then it was to Bugis Street. Found suitable Haru shoes for 15 bucks. Quality is crap but what the heck, it's cheaper than what I had planned. I still didn't find the belt.... But I found myself a new watch for 5 bucks 8D

It was still only 7-ish. I just wanted somewhere to sit and contemplate my findings and plans. So I went to esplanade. loool~ while walking through City Link, at the tunnel with escalator, there was a Jap who said the escalator was slow. That's the second time I heard a Jap say the same thing at the same place. lol. random.

Got to the library, did some searches for CDs and went to look for them. Then a librarian asks if she could help. I was like yeah, okay, and showed her what I noted down. Glay White Road and Laruku live in USA. Found GLAY easy enough. But laruku. The point of me going to the library was to SIT and ROT BRAINS. Ended up searching for that damn DVD everywhere, even to the movies section. In the end, she found it misplaced somewhere. Arigatou ne. even though I didn't really want it that badly. It was already 8 40 and the lib closing. dammit~~ I already spent quite a lot on this cos. It should have been below 50. perhaps I should subtract pants from that since they are normal wardrobe. Though I forgot how much I spent on the blazer which I won't be wearing since we're doing another version. pfft. I think the shoulders are a bit too small ;A;

ugh that unsatisfied feeling of not having full team! Like Red Garden. One missing.

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Time Recorded: 2:25 AM


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