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Saturday, December 6, 2014


oh man. i didnt take WIP pictures


this is some of the shoulder part...

decided not to use emboss paint for embroidery on brown tunic because.... the brown colour so much diff lololl. drying the collar now... can only paint tomorrow night...

arm braces are so lol. not using netting under green top for the maille thing coz it looks weird. what else.... i havent actually figured out how to put knives on. so far im just thinking hook onto scales...

YOU KNOW WHAT. IS ON MY MIND. THE FREAKING ROBE. want it for movieeeeeeeee.

oh yeah havent cut and braid wig o_o

found wig tape and its fucking expensive lol.

also bought brown pants because i thought i lost zura's grey pants but then i found it just now so i just wasted money hahahahahahahhhahahahaa.

i doing this on sunday

kai doing ada. but she wear crown and i override with groot. lol

i never really considered cosing 3d characters because. well because they exist. and i suck. lol.

but then legolas picked up the orcrist..........

and that scene with the orc and ada freeing his wretched head from his miserable shoulders.

its always scenes that get mehhhh

anyway... just now I went AFA to pick up Angela's autographed posters for Yuui and her friend. was second in line. i think i was supposed to ask for 2 posters. but like. how the fuck do i do that, Atsuko was handing out the posters and like what am I supposed to do?? ahahahahah after the first guy went, and almost my turn, i asked staff how i should ask and she said one person one. what. So i just went and greet them, hand shake and small convo. Can I swoon Katsuo. hahahah. then i asked staff if i can join the q again and this guy... hes been dismissive from start. what the heck you think i print 2 of the same ticket. he looking at me like i cheating or something and then the crew with 99 problems shirt said he saw me go off with one poster only so i got to join the q again. hahahah. second round i managed to say Katsuooniisama~~~ so after that was done, i roamed around. so nice to do that without big crowd. saw some awkward karaoke performances but to songs i know so heck, watch la. then lost ash came on. they good... live vocals... but no crowd ahhaha so weird got like 2 kigurumi doing furi and headbanging. I'm just standing there staring and wondering how the hell VK got so damn bishie. theres a few stages around doing karaoke. another bigger stage doing nico nico and sobakasu was performed nicely ;w; eh got ledo stand which i didnt see again afterwards. psychopass exhib was nice when it was deserted. walk past makishima statue in fuwa ~kill me~ mode. i want to try the snk training thing sia hahahha but nah. went around the place thinking damn we're gonna have so much fun tomorrow.

ok i lazy continue. havent packed. omg. and dad finished my potatoes im supposed to bring for sat.

clyne n athha reporting on sat....

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Time Recorded: 2:44 AM


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